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Welcome to the website of Gustav-Heinemann-Schule!

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Dear visitor,

I would like to welcome you to the website
of Gustav-Heinemann-Schule, one of the comprehensive schools of the city of
Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany.

On this website we are offering you
the most important information about
our school and its current activities.

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In addition, we will show you the diverse curricular activities and the organizational
structures of our school.

You will soon find that we do not just see our daily activities as an everyday matter
and do not just regard curricular aims as a duty. We want to show our school to our
students as a forum to gain knowledge, to realize the necessity of further learning,
and to enjoy developing their abilities and their school community.

For that, we see it as important that our students do not see the school
curriculum and the extracurricular activities as something obligatory, but that they
understand these as a chance to make their own wishes, ideas and career
perspectives come true.

Our joint aim is to justify the trust that has been put in our educational and
curricular work for many years, even for more than four decades.

We see changes critically and constructively. We work on developing our school
further and are willing to evaluate our results.

In this, the basis of our work as a school is to bring together innovation and
progress with what is already there and has been tried and tested.

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Christa van Berend

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