Skype-Konferenz mit Thailand 2018


Skype-Konferenz Thailand 2018 - ghs

First, we chatted via e-mail with our pen friends and we sent two e-mails.
The first one was about ourselves (name, age, hobbies, favourite subjects etc.). My pen friend’s name was Padach. She is really nice and her e-mail was very interesting. The second e-mail was about our daily routine – when we get up, when we have breakfast, what we do in the afternoon etc. The second e-mail was about our feelings, about the things we like and those we do not like.
Then there was the Skype-conference. At the beginning, we all sat on the floor and tried to reach our Thai friends via video call, but somehow the connection did not work. When we managed to see a clear picture, we started.

Skype-Konferenz Thailand 2018 - ghs
The Thai students said their names and the name of their German pen friends. Of course, I had to go first. We asked each other questions and talked about things that we are interested in. After every student met his pen friend the Thai students started their performance.
They sang and danced for us and showed us how they greet each other in Thailand. At the end they even presented posters with German words. After their presentation it was our turn. We showed them what we eat for breakfast, how we greet each other in Germany and we sang two songs for them.

Skype-Konferenz Thailand 2018 - ghs
And then time was already up. We waved briefly and said goodbye. Then we hung up. It was a nice experience for us and it was interesting to get to know a different culture. We really liked the project and we will definitely keep in touch with the Thai students after the project.


(written by Lukas and Kimi)

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